Update ITUS Images w/hotfixes,etc

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Update ITUS Images w/hotfixes,etc


Can't see any mention of it anywhere here but is it possible to compile our own images, for example the shield-master github repository (https://github.com/ItusShield/Shield-Master), to replace the ITUS stock ones on the Shield.

So, performing a factory reset or changing modes and the image booting up with the patches on this forum. We could even rebrand it, or whatever.

Anyone interested in this?

Should be easy enough on the shield, using DD. For example in Debian based Linux you'd do something like this:

 dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/tmp/ubuntu1.img 
(sda1 being a disk partition on a pc, so replace with the mmc partition name on the shield or sd card, and the destination being where the restore images are located, for example)

Were the images from ITUS simply cloned into an img file like this?

Maybe we can just compile the img file directly from github and use it?