Installing OpenWrt for Itus Shield

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Installing OpenWrt for Itus Shield

This thread is for instructions and issues pertaining to installing the Itus Shield OpenWrt firmware

The OpenWrt firmware will permanently overwrite the firmware that came installed by Itus Networks.

Notes:  This installation REQUIRES minimal SSH or Console access.  

Unless stated, the FRONT panel switch should be in the CENTER (R)outer position.

The default configuration for the Shield:
Eth0 - WAN Port, configured for DHCP
Eth1 and Eth2 - LAN
Device IP:


1) Download the itus_shield-router-initramfs-kernel.bin and itus_shield-router-squashfs-sysupgrade.tar files from the link above.
2) On the Shield: mount /dev/mmcblk1p1 /mnt
2a) Copy the itus_shield-router-initramfs-kernel.bin to /mnt/ItusrouterImage
2b) Optionally, copy itus_shield-router-initramfs-kernel.bin to /mnt/ItusgatewayImage to set the (G)ateway slot as an emergency recovery console.  This image has no permanent storage and all changes are lost at reboot
3) Unmount /mnt:  umount /mnt
4) Reboot

The Shield will boot.  The stock image for OpenWrt does NOT come with Luci installed.


1) Copy the itus_shield-router-squashfs-sysupgrade.tar to /tmp
2) Login and run: sysupgrade /tmp/itus_shield-router-squashfs-sysupgrade.tar

The Shield will reboot

The image is now permanent and persistent.


1) Log into the device
2) Run: opkg update
3) Run: opkg install luci-ssl
4) Run: service uhttpd reload && service uhttpd restart

You should now be able to access LuCi via

Post Install Instructions:
Set your Device Password, include your SSH .pub credentials (if applicable).   You can then go install additional software packages (eg: adblock, banip, etc)

Enjoy!  Future updates to the firmware is flashed through LuCi and will backup configurations and settings.  Keep in mind that doing the sysupgrade does not reinstall applications, but it does back the configurations up.  When  you reinstall the packages, they should see your archives settings.
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